About Us

How The Diaper Drawer came to be….

I (Jaclyn Katelnikoff), started The Diaper Drawer when my first son was 1 month old. I started this venture in the hopes of making cloth diapering simple. While I was pregnant I literally spent months researching cloth diapers and wasted countless hours trying to learn the difference between brands, styles etc. It is my goal to take what I have learnt and share my experiences with my customers in a personalized manner to help them navigate the overwhelming world of cloth diapers. The brands and products I carry, I use, and I only recommend those that I love and have passed my tests over the past 10+ years. The new brands I bring in are brands that I trust and am sure will meet my high standards. If they don’t, they won’t last long!

I grew up in Sparwood BC, went to University at the U of A and moved to Lethbridge to marry my amazing husband and start our family. I am a part time stay-at-home Mommy to an amazing little boy! I am also pharmacist at Saskatoon Family Pharmacy (hence why our diapers are there!) part time as well, so if you need medications or health advice you know where to find me!I hope to meet you all one day, and I thank you for supporting The Diaper Drawer!